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Our current blend of recycled paper is 38%, and 100% recycled sheet is available on request.

Our Corporate Mission

Our mission is to provide value to our customers, employees, and shareholders through the manufacture of a product or delivery of a service in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner to ensure long-term, profitable growth of the company.

Our Best Practices

When it comes to environmental best practices, the corrugated packaging industry has a great story to tell. Our industry was one of the first to focus on the benefits of recovery, recycling, reuse, and efficient utilization of fiber, energy, and raw materials and natural resources. At SMC, we are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible business.

Facility Lighting Upgrades

A systematic approach to lighting upgrades (2 facilities to date) includes upgrading from 400W Halide to T-8 Fluorescents utilizing the local utility rebate program.

Motion-sensitive lighting is used in low-traffic administrative areas.

Industrial Energy Savings

Through Kansas City Power and Light, our Arrowhead facility is part of the utility’s interruptible power program.

In our Southern Missouri Containers facility, we salvage waste heat from the corrugator and warm part of our converting operations.

Water Use Efficiency

Enhanced chillers in our Springfield Corrugator Plant reuse process water for efficient singlefacer operation. We also preheat boiler feed water on the boiler stack. (Delta T of 90° F).

Wind Energy

We are proud to be the largest subscriber to City Utilities’ Wind Current program. We buy more wind energy than any other industrial user in the utility’s service area.

Recycled Content

We use recycled and virgin kraft linerboard in the manufacture of our corrugated packaging. On average, the recycled content is 38%.

We have access to four 100% post-consumer content mill sources, and we can provide a package with 100% recycled content if required by the customer.

Wax Replacement Options

We've worked with one of our containerboard suppliers to produce and promote several wax replacement grades of paper that (in the proper application) show significant promise. We have been able to formulate inks to print on these substrates that are resistant to water and UV exposure.

“Regal Rexnord’s purpose is to create a better world by energy-efficiently converting power into motion. Our stakeholders expect that we provide the highest quality energy-efficient solutions that are sustainably produced. We are pleased to call SMC Packaging Group our partner and appreciate the fact that they are addressing sustainability initiatives aggressively in their business.”

John Kunze, Segment President Climate Solutions, Regal Rexnord Corporation

Our Sustainability Goals

Additional Facility Upgrades

Includes HVAC, building envelope, and additional lighting upgrades.

Local Sourcing

Source products and raw materials as close to point-of-use as possible.

Ozarks Green Score

Attain “Green” Certification in this Wal-Mart type Sustainability Index.

Vendor Selection

Award business to those vendors who are the most sustainable.

Rainwater Harvesting

A grant application is in place for rooftop rainwater harvesting for process water.

Tree Planting

Establish a Reforestry program that equates box plant cutup to planting of seedlings.

Our Scrap Recycling System

We recycle all of our box plant clippings (double-lined kraft). This plant scrap is shredded, baled, and returned to one of the mills where we do business. Overall, the corrugated industry recovers and recycles over 75% of what it produces.

Learn more about how SMC Cares for the community.

Community Initiatives