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More than just a box

When a candle adds a warm glow to a happy customer's coffee table, they may not stop to think about the journey that brought that glass jar to their home.

The 9 production lines at the Empire Candle manufacturing facility in Kansas make them capable of efficiently producing up to 250,000 units per day. (That's a lot of happy customers!) Candles are then bulk shipped to retail distribution centers all over the country.

During the unseen steps between manufacturer and store, it's essential that candles ship safely and efficiently.

That's where SMC comes in. The sales, design, and production teams at Arrowhead Containers, Inc. collaborated to find a solution for Empire Candle that created significant improvements in their process.

One-Step Assembly

SMC's specialty gluer allows the partition to be built inside the box. That plus the auto-lock box bottom leads to efficient assembly.

Watch this video to see how the 4-candle partition comes together in one step—and it's easy to imagine the compound effects of this improvement in saving time and labor.

A growing partnership on display

The new box assembly from SMC helped Empire Candle increase production rates by 5-15%. From there, the partnership has grown to include new branded displays that help expand the Empire brand with digital graphics.

Project Features

  • Digital Printing
  • Packaging Redesign
  • Auto-Lock Box Bottom
  • Specialty Gluer
  • Digital Display Graphics
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