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A ruby red shoebox

Munro & Company is a family-owned business headquartered in Arkansas and established in 1959. They're known for offering a variety of 19 sizes and 5 different widths of women's shoes, which are all sold in their signature red boxes.

In 2018, Munro was looking for a new vendor to partner with that could replicate their recognizable linen label and shoebox color.

The team at Wonder State got to work finding a solution that could efficiently meet Munro's needs while maintaining the high-end feel and signature red that their customers had come to recognize and associate with the brand.

Putting it all together

After several iterations of testing, this two-sided print solution saves time in production without sacrificing quality, and results in overall time and cost savings for Munro. The custom-blended color and precise fold show how direct print can still feel unique and high-end.

Project Features

  • Custom Design
  • Inside Print
  • Custom-blended Color
  • 100% Recyclable Kraft Box
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